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Cross-Industry Prequalification Services And Software For Managing Your Supplier Risk

About PreQual

PreQual delivers expert level prequalifications on vendors, suppliers and subcontractors that no other company can provide. Started in 2012, the founders of PreQual developed an innovative solution designed to fill a void in the marketplace left by existing prequalification firms- the lack of expert financial analysis & administrative support…



PreQual is SDI carrier approved, providing a simplified, centralized and secure Saas based prequalification platform supported by the industry’s leading customer service personnel.



Fully customizable forms, capacity and performance scorecards enable you to tailor the process to meet your organizational needs.


Optimize your access to third-party information with PreQual by implementing and streamlining consistent processes throughout your organization.


Gain more insight into your supply chain and identify where 3rd party risk is exposing your company’s balance sheet.


Benefit from the economies of scale that PreQual provides. Our clients know that technology alone is not the answer. PreQual alleviates burdensome administrative costs of managing the Prequalification process.

What We Do

PreQual is an integrated subcontractor prequalification software and services solution that helps organizations better understand the risk exposure of your vendor, supplier, and subcontractor relationships by providing transparency into the ongoing third-party risk faced by your organization. Our process identifies, unifies, and consolidates key risk indicators and exposures that you may face during the on-boarding and over the lifespan of the relationship with your vendors. PreQual provides industry-leading levels of controls to help ensure that a third-party relationship whether the vendor(s) are current or new remains the right fit for your organization.

Our Service Workflow

At PreQual we know that you truly value the relationships with your 3rd parties and consider each relationship to be a vital part of your business. Your continued success in working with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors depend on an unwavering commitment to a zero-tolerance risk management approach that protects your balance sheet. For that reason, we provide a comprehensive integrated subcontractor prequalification service and software solution managed by dedicated financial analysts and account management for all businesses.

PreQual Work Flow Chart 2b

Industries We Serve

Every third party relationship brings risk. Regardless of the industry PreQual has the right solution available for you to utilize. We understand how regulatory pressures, supply chain risk, competitive demands and a challenging business environment affect your ability to leverage and optimize your 3rd party relationships. PreQual is a cross-industry prequalification solution with proven best practices and dynamic software that delivers the most comprehensive Prequalification’s.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Life Sciences
  • Oil & Gas
  • More
Contact PreQual

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